Training for Caregivers Return to Lifespan Respite Training for Caregivers The State of Nevada, Aging and Disability Services has created this learning path for unpaid caregivers. If you need some tips and tricks to help you in your care giving role, this is the place for you. Each module covers an important aspect of care giving and will help you to feel confident in your role as a caregiver. You may find these modules helpful if you have just started your care giving role or even if you have been a caregiver for several years. If you need any additional…
Information and Referral for Respite Training for service providers to help them identify caregivers, recognize the need for respite and begin the respite conversation. PART I This portion of the training will help you identify caregivers, even when they don't recognize themselves as a caregiver. We will also introduce you to what respite is and why it is important. There are three chapters in Part I. Part I - Chapter 01 VideoPart I - Chapter 02 VideoPart I - Chapter 03 Video PART II Now you know how to recognize caregivers and what respite it. Take Part II to learn…
{tab Introduction|green|left} Respite services help sustain the health and well being of the caregiver and care recipient, helps avoid or delay out of home placements, and reduces the likelihood of abuse and neglect. As a caregiver it is very important that you maintain your own health, and take frequent breaks before you become overwhelmed and burn-out. Respite re-energizes you and allows you to continue caring for your loved one. Regular relive can become a lifesaver. The information in the following sections can help you plan your respite and determine which type of provider will best meet your needs. {tab Planning|green}…
Are you currently providing care for a loved one? Are you struggling to find enough time to take care of yourself and your own needs?  If so, you are not alone!  Studies show caregivers often do not take a break from their caregiving role.  This can cause stress related health problems, feelings of depression or anxiety, and puts a strain on both the caregiver and the care recipient. It is okay to need a break... RESPITE is a way to get that break.  The information on these pages is designed to help you and your loved one choose the right…
Nevada Caregiver Stories According to the "Valuing the Invaluable: 2015 Update" report published by the AARP Public Policy Institute, there are an estimated 500,000 family caregivers in Nevada. Read the true, inspiring stories from four Nevada caregivers, written in their own words for this website. {slider Bonnie's Story|closed|icon|}

My name is Bonnie Timmreck. I care for my husband Tim who has Alzheimer's Disease, Tim's Alzheimer's surfaced about five years ago. A formal diagnosis was given two years ago.

Alzheimer's long diagnostic process and progressive nature has meant that I have gradually taken on a caregiver role. I really do not have works to describe the ongoing grieving I'm experiencing as Alzheimer's changes each of us, our marriage and Tim's roles of Dad, Brother, Friend. He is slowly disappearing. When Tim was diagnosed, we were in Arizona enjoying a long-planned-for snowbird life... a dream which ended that day. We sold our property and came home to Nevada full time.



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{slider Marge's Story|closed|icon|}

My name is Marge Purdy and I care for my husband, Jerry. I have been providing care since our family doctor recommended that I should accompany my husband on all of his doctor visits. I knew something was different in our lives but couldn't put my finger on it. Jerry always had a great memory, could remember details better than anyone I knew, however there were major events we'd had in the past, like two trips to Alaska and another where we climbed Mt. Whitney that he couldn't recall. This was a huge flag for me that something was amiss.

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{slider Nora's Story|closed|icon|}

My name is Nora McGinley, I have been providing care for my 90 year old Mother since June 2009, this is the hardest job that I have ever done! My Mother is almost blind from Glaucoma, she has congestive heart failure and a pacemaker. She started her medical journey with a pacemaker and then not three weeks later, she had to have a lead replaced that was laying on her diaphragm, and was given too much anesthesia and almost died.

This is when I started becoming my Mother's caregiver.



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{slider Robin's Story|closed|icon|}

My name is Robbin Vasquez. I care for my 2 sons, Zac: age 13 and Alonzo: age 17, as a single mom with a full time job. My 13 year old was diagnosed with autism just before his 3rd birthday. He was then diagnosed with leukemia when he was 6 and, after 28 months in remission, he was diagnosed with a relapse of his leukemia. When he turns 15 he will have been on chemo for half of his life.

And.... My parents are in their 80s and although they can still get around they need ever increasing help with medical care, managing medicines and technical support. I guess that makes me a compound caregiver.


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