The Transitioning Home Learning Path provides information and resources to anyone who is considering moving from a nursing home to the community. The first two modules provide an overview of public programs, specifically the Money Follows the Person program, that is available to consumers who qualify to help them in transitioning. The final module provides general information on things to consider when you are thinking about moving out of a nursing home. For more information or for additional assistance, please contact your nearest Aging and Disability Resource Center.

This module provides an overview of transition services and the goals of the Money Follows the Person program. It is a good introduction to the program and how someone can be assisted in moving out of a nursing home.

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This module provides additional details on the Money Follows the Person program and what types of services are available to a consumer. It details Transition, Demonstration and Community services that are available.

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{readmore:Module II: MFP Specifics - Part II}

This final module provides information to consider when if you are planning to move out of a nursing facility. This move can often be a long process with many moving parts. As you begin to plan for your move, these few key items can help you be most successful in your transition.

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