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Nevada Care Connection logoNevada Care Connection was established in 2005 as our state's Aging and Disability Resource Center program. ADRCs were designed to serve as a single point of entry into the long term support system for individuals with functional limitations and their families.  The original goal was to help consumer's identify needs, provide information on the full range of options available and help people access benefits for which they might qualify. 

Since 2014, Nevada has been expanding the Nevada Care Connection concept to a system wide philosophy of "No Wrong Door".  The goal is to transform the way people access long-term supports and services in Nevada.  Learn more about why it's important to transform long-term supports and services.

Nevada Care Connection is a collaborative of many partners working to streamline access to programs and services for older adults, people with disabilities, caregivers and their families. Partners include:

  • Resource Centers
  • Aging and Disability Services Division
  • Division of Healthcare Financing and Policy (Medicaid)
  • Division of Public and Behavioral Health
  • Division of Welfare and Supportive Services
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Nevada 2-1-1

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Nevada Care Connection: Guiding Principles

There are four guiding principles used as a basis for implementation of Nevada Care Connection.  These principles define what is most important in our efforts:

  • Accessible: The LTSS system will offer multiple access points with streamlined eligibility practices making it easy for individuals and families to enter into the system of care. 
  • Person-Centered: The LTSS system will provide services from a person-centered approach, focusing on individual and family needs, strengths and choices. 
  • Coordinated: The LTSS system will coordinate efforts across governmental agencies, public and private service providers to increase consumer satisfaction, produce more positive outcomes, and reduce costs to governments while maintaining or enhancing service delivery. 
  • Sustainable and Accountable: The LTSS system will be a transparent system which is economically sustainable and accountable through measurement and reporting of outcomes. 

The Resource Centers

The Nevada Care Connection Resource Centers were established in 2006 to help people become aware of their choices, empowering them to make informed decisions, and easily access public and private services and programs.  We strive to provide friendly, welcoming places where anyone can come for information and assistance regarding public benefit programs and other services available to plan for long-term care needs. 

Nevadans benefit at local Resource Centers through the state level partnerships as well as through the local partnerships established by the Centers.  It is our mission to streamline access to services and ensure that Nevadans receive individualized care that meets their needs. 

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