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About Us

About Us

Nevada ADRC Questions and Answers - FAQsFAQ's - You have questions, we have answers! The Nevada ADRC is designed to provide an online "one-stop-shop" for information, tools, and resources related to the ADRC program and and other Aging and Disability Services Division programs to help bring information, assistance and access to resources throughout our state for Nevada's elders, people with disabilities and caregivers.

Check out our online Glossary guide of commonly used terms throughout the site, and read more about the specific functions of the ADRC in ADRC Functions.  Don't forget to check out our Learn About section and our up to date Resource Directory of Statewide services and providers.

This Frequently Asked Questions section provides links to questions and answers for all of the programs and services highlighted on this website.  Start in the "Nevada ADRC" section for general information on key features and tips for using the Nevada ADRC web site.

Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Program Overview - The 3 A's...
Questions about Programs or Services? If you have general questions about programs or services, then you can email us and a Program Specialist will follow up with you within 48 hours. You can also contact your local Aging and Disability Resource Center. Find a site near you here.   Technical Assistance Are you experiencing a problem with our website? We apologize, but we are here to help! There are two easy options to contact our Webmaster: Email Us to report a problem or Give us a call! Southern Nevada: 702-486-3600 | Rural & Northern Nevada: 775-687-0585 Please note Help Desk Hours:…
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Nevada ADRC Glossary of Common Terms related to ADRC's and the Nevada ADRC web site.
Nevada's Care Connection is a comprehensive information and service delivery system that aims to assist Nevada's aging and disabled populations access and navigate services available to them, and plan for their long term care. The physical Care Connection sites (which are also called Aging and Disability Resource Centers or ADRC's) feature on-site specialists who can provide information and assistance regarding public benefit programs and other services. As required by the Administration on Aging (AoA) and the State of Nevada, Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD), these sites will provide, at a minimum: information and referral, options counseling and benefits access.…
Nevada Care Connection...how Nevadans find care and support services.    

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