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Volunteers work to share their program information with members of the community, from individuals and families, to groups and agencies, and to the corporate and medical fields. The ultimate goal is to encourage and assist those in need to take advantage of the help available for chronic diseases.


  Do you have regular extra time available for offering assistance to others?
  1. Are you interested in these programs?
  2. Can you offer patience, compassion, dependability and maintain confidentiality?
  3. Are you able to follow directions and limit your discussions with clients to only what you have learned?

Still interested...then review these options:

Requirements for Volunteering:

  • Complete an application
  • Sign the State required paperwork
  • Attend basic training
  • Attend additional training's for designated activities
  • Attend monthly two hour volunteer meetings/training's
  • Complete the month-end report
  • Maintain regular communication with the coordinator

Volunteer Program Outreach Activities:

chair elder with kids
  • Become a certified "Extra Help" application counselor
  • Maintain regular sites assisting with "Extra Help" applications
  • Find sites to host the CDSMP workshops
  • Encourage agencies to embed the CDSMP Program
  • Give presentations in a variety of settings
  • Meet with directors and staff of organizations
  • Attend health fairs, distribute literature and answer questions
  • Distribute literature at strategic places around our cities

For More Information about the programs and volunteering Call:
Aging and Disability Services Division
Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Coordinator and "Extra Help" Programs Facilitator at:

Before applying to be a Volunteer CDSMP Counselor, please read the full Volunteer Position Description by clicking here.

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