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MIPPA volunteers share program information with Nevada communities, including individuals and families of diverse ethnic backgrounds, various economic levels, and also with community agencies, medical and corporate groups. Volunteers assist clients to utilize the available resources in the areas of chronic diseases and prescription drug costs, while maintaining the upmost respect for ADSD clients.


In addition to the general requirements for all ADSD volunteers, volunteer MIPPA counselors must also:

  • Maintain the strictest respect and confidentiality when working with any client.
  • Only share information volunteers have been trained to deliver with clients’.
  • Complete the required State of Nevada volunteer application materials.
  • Attend basic program training.
  • Attend monthly, two hour, volunteer meetings.
  • Complete the mandatory monthly report by designated due dates.
  • Attend any special meetings that may be scheduled for work in areas of the program or other special information sessions.
  • Attend any additionally scheduled training as needed.
  • Maintain regular communication with the program coordinator.
  • Determine, with the program coordinator, the areas in which volunteer with participate in the program outreach and train for the chosen area or areas.




Before applying to be a Volunteer MIPPA Counselor, please read the full Volunteer Position Description by clicking here.
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