Dental Care

Dental Care

Older Persons can use Fluoride, too. If you're a baby boomer or older, you're probably concerned with staying healthy and looking good as you age. Besides exercising, eating right and having regular checkups, you can enhance your overall well being by taking good care of your smile. Teeth are meant to last a lifetime. There is no reason why older adults can't give attractive smiles and keep their gums and teeth healthy for the rest of their lives. Older adults are keeping their natural teeth longer because of scientific developments and the preventative emphasis in dentistry. This improvement was seen…
Oral Health helps keep you Healthy Overall. Good oral health is important to maintain good overall health. Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop stated, "You are not healthy without good oral health." Oral health problems can cause pain and suffering as well as difficulty in speaking, chewing and swallowing. Certain medications used to treat various diseases, as well as smoking and alcohol use, can also affect oral health. Considering tooth loss a normal part of aging is a myth. More people over age 65 are keeping their teeth than ever before. Cavities and their complications are the primary reason for…

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