Elder Rights

Elder Rights

The Home Equity Conversation Mortgage (HECM) is FHA's reverse mortgage program, which enables you to withdraw some of the equity in your home. The HECM is a safe plan that can give older Americans greater financial security. Many seniors use it to supplement Social Security, meet unexpected medical expenses, make home improvements and more. You can receive additional free information about reverse mortgages in general by contacting the National Council on Aging at (800) 510-0301. It is smart to know more about reverse mortgages, and decide if one is right for you!
Living will and advance directives describe your preferences for end-of-life are. These documents speak for you when you're not able to speak for yourself. The Mayo Clinic Staff provide information regarding these documents and the necessary steps to prepare you and your loved ones for these situations.
Nursing home residents have important rights under both federal and state law. Nursing homes laws require that they educate their residents on their rights and to assist them in exercising them. In the case that a resident is unable to understand or execute their rights, the decision-making ability for the resident is transferred to whomever the law deems the most suitable individual to make decisions for the resident.
Congress passed the Older Americans Act (OAA) in 1965 in response to concern by policymakers about a lack of community social services for older persons. The law also established the Administration on Aging (AoA) to administer the newly created grant programs and to serve as the Federal focal point on matters concerning older persons. The links on this site offer an unofficial compilation of the OAA, an outline of changes made to the OAA at the most recent reauthorization (2006), a set of frequently asked questions (FAWs) about the OAA and other related sources of information/data.

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