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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

In the wake of multiple large scale emergencies in recent years, more attention is being paid to emergency preparedness.  This section has links to a number of resources related to emergency preparedness to help you plan for a variety of situations.

Update 12/2/13 - this category is still under development.

While the American Red Cross and their partners are committed to lending a helping hand to those in need, assistance may be delayed in times of disaster. That's why it's important for your family to Be Red Cross Ready by completing three easy steps: Get A Kit. Make A Plan. Be Informed. The provided link is an online presentation of what to do to keep your family safe in an emergency, what supplied you need, or what documents you should have on hand if you need to evacuate your home.
The Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau (CGB) develops and implements the Commission’s consumer policies, including disability access. We serve as the public face of the Commission through outreach and education, as well as through our Consumer Center, which is responsible for responding to consumer inquiries and complaints. CGB also maintains collaborative partnerships with state, local, and tribal governments in such critical areas as emergency preparedness and implementation of new technologies.

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