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Children and youth with attention deficit disorder (ADD) often have serious problems in school. Inattention, impulsiveness, hyperactivity, disorganization, and other difficulties can lead to unfinished assignments, careless errors, and behavior which is disruptive to one's self and others. Through the implementation of relatively simple and straightforward accommodations to the classroom environment or teaching style, teachers can adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of students with ADD. Small changes in how a teacher approaches the student with ADD or in what the teacher expects can turn a losing year into a winning one for the child.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the most common behavioral disorder of childhood, is estimated to be found in between three to five percent of children in the United States. Although ADHD is primarily considered a childhood disorder, research shows that ADHD also manifests itself in adults. Athealth.com provides quality mental health information and services.

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The Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) is the world's leading adult ADHD organization. Since its inception, ADDA has become the source for information and resources exclusively for and about adult ADHD.

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Mission Statement "CHADD improves the lives of people affected by AD/HD." In working towards our mission, the behavior of the CHADD staff and volunteer leadership is determined by the following core values: Integrity Respectful, open communication Quality of our work product and productivity in our work effort, to assure sustained customer satisfaction Flexibility and teamwork A demonstrated commitment to diversity in all its forms Dedicated to fulfilling CHADD's mission with passion and enthusiasm.

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The Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD) is an international organization concerned about issues related to students with learning disabilities. Working to build a better future for students with LD has been the primary goal of CLD for more than 30 years. Involvement in CLD helps members stay abreast of current issues that are shaping the field, affecting the lives of students, and influencing professional careers. CLD members are committed to standards of excellence and innovation in educational research, practice, and policy.

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This site was developed as part of a school project in the fall of 2000. It was designed by three undergraduates at California State University–Stanislaus in an attempt to provide a resource for parents and teachers who are dealing with autistic children. This site focuses upon some of the approaches that education specialists take in working with autistic children. It also provide a list of some of agencies and schools available to California residents. We urge people who view this site to take advantage of the many resources available on the web and in local libraries. Autism is a very…
The world's leading website on learning disabilities and ADHD.

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Find educational consultants, psychologists, educational diagnosticians, health care providers, academic therapists, tutors, speech language therapists, occupational therapists, coaches, advocates, and attorneys for children with disabilities on the Yellow Pages for Kids for Nevada. You will also find education schools, learning centers, treatment programs, parent groups, respite care, community centers, grassroots organizations, and government programs for children with disabilities.

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