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Special Education

Special Education

The Science behind Successful Learning Translating the latest research from multiple disciplines into a neurodevelopmental framework and approach to help teachers better understand how students learn and vary in their learning. Disseminating research-based information and resources to help teachers build their professional expertise around the science of learning, so they can help all students reach their potential. Advocating for a greater focus on and understanding of the value of the science of learning and how it can help schools better serve all students.

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The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL Center) is dedicated to supporting state education leaders in their efforts to grow, respect, and retain great teachers and leaders for all students. 

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The Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE) works to increase the nation's capacity to effectively solve special education disputes, reducing the use of expensive adversarial processes. CADRE works with state and local education and early intervention systems, parent centers, families and educators to improve programs and results for children with disabilities. 
Teaching your child with special needs is a privilege - but it is also hard. It requires from the parents much sacrifice, patience, and unconditional love. This article provides information and personal experience on homeschooling and special needs children.
The primary objective of IRIS is to create resources about evidence-based practices for use in preservice preparation and professional development programs. IRIS then disseminates and offers trainings on those resources. The link provided directs you to the IRIS Resource Locator, which can be sorted by topic, resource type, and module element. 
Nevada PEP (Parents Encouraging Parents) is a nonprofit organization that provides information, services and training to Nevada families of children with disabilities. PEP services are about empowering families to be life-long advocates for their children through education and skill building. PEP recognizes that parents are experts on their children; and must learn about disabilities, intervention needs, and how to develop a support system to meet those needs. Nevada PEP provides free workshops in northern and southern Nevada, with a list of workshops provided on their website calendar.

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It is inevitable that you will have the opportunity (and pleasure) of working with special needs students in your classroom. You may need to make accommodations for some and modifications for others. Providing for the needs of special education students will certainly be on of your greatest challenges as a professional educator. Consider these tips and strategies.
After-school and weekend activities for children with disabilities can build self-esteem, skills, friendships, and a sense of belonging. Interacting in a shared endeavor with other children can be especially rewarding. MetroKids asked experts in several special needs areas to recommend appropriate activities. Here are their suggestions.

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