ADRC Learning Path

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The ADRC Learning Path is designed for staff working at our partner agencies in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve a diverse population.

The modules have been designed for self-paced learning. This means you can return to a module as necessary for review and you may take the test at any time. However, you are probably best served by taking the test only after you have a firm grasp of what was taught in the modules.

Remember that the information provided in these modules are not a substitute for getting hands-on training with your supervisor. Make sure you talk to your supervisor about any areas that you need additional training or guidance.

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1. Aging and Disability Awareness

This training will provide you with an overview of aging and disability awareness including the use of People First language and how your interactions may be affected by different types of disabilities. Length: 32 minutes




2. Behavioral Health

This training will provide an overview of the basics of behavioral health, factors that affect consumer crisis and ways to interact with consumers in crisis. This is a two part lesson. Length: 30 minutes




3. Consumer Directed Care

This training explains consumer directed care and how it differs from system directed care and the role of ADRCs in this type of care. The training also provides information on informed choices and two types of advocacy: social vs. consumer. Length: 26 minutes





4. Effective Communication and Care

This training gives you skills for effective communication, starting with an understanding of the basics of effective communication. The training covers topics ranging from intake to interviewing. Length: 27 minutes





5. Grief and Loss

This training provides information on the grief process and ways to deal with different types of major loss with consumers. Length: 23 minutes






6. Imminent Risk

This training will give you an overview of what imminent risk is, including the relevancy of two forms of risk and identifying imminent risk in the initial contact with a consumer. Length: 28 minutes





7. Memory and Dementia

This two part training provides an overview of the types of memory as well as changes expected with age. The training also explores the stages of Alzheimer’s disease and ADLs and IADls as they relate to Alzheimer’s disease. Length: 51 minutes





8. Managing Difficult Behaviors

This training provides an overview of the basics of mental health, factors that affect a consumer in crisis and provides tips for ways to interact with a consumer who struggles with difficult behaviors. Length: 29 minutes





9. Options Counseling

Options Counseling is the core service offered by ADRCs. This training discusses the federal vision for Options Counseling, fundamentals of establishing a positive dialogue with consumers and discusses the three basic sources of care funding. Length: 30 minutes





10. Assisting Private Pay Consumers

This training gives an overview of reasons to serve private pay consumers, defines who private pay consumers are, and will help you become familiar with some of the service options for private pay consumers. Length: 20 minutes






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