Resource Directory Submission Hints

Below are some additional tips and information about specific portions of the submission form. Paying attention to some of the details of the information you submit can help speed up the approval process and decrease the likelihood of the resource being delayed or rejected. Each listing may have several categories and services, however if you have multiple locations or a different mailing address, you will need to submit a listing for each address.



Make sure you change the category your listing appears in. Please only add categories that are relevant to the services you offer. To add additional categories, use the 'Also appear in this category' option.


Required fields are notated in BOLD font.


RESOURCE DESCRIPTION   The Resource Description should be used to describe your company/location. Please do not include any lists of services, information about fees or ages served, etc. That information should be provided in the specific fields in the submission form. The description field is purely for descriptive information about your company or location. Additional information duplicated in this field that is also tracked in specific fields may cause your resource approval to be delayed or even rejected.

COUNTY   Make sure you designate only the counties you serve from the location (address of the resource) you are submitting. If you have multiple locations, you will submit a separate listing for each location.

SERVICES   Please select the service(s) that the location you are submitting offer. Only select services that pertain to that location.

CONTACT FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME   The contact name is used for the public point of contact for that office location.

FILE/IMAGE   You can upload a file or your organization's logo using these fields.  Files must be standard format (i.e. PDF, Word).  Images must be in .JPG, .PNG, or other standard image formats. 

SUBMISSION, OWNER & NOTIFY   Submission Person is the person submitting the resource. Owner Information is the owner of the organization; many people will enter the Executive Director's information here. Notify is a secondary email that will receive the update notifications. These fields are not visible to the public.


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