Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)

Improves Lives in Nevada


The Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) helps participants learn self-management skills needed to help deal with the symptoms of their chronic condition and with the life role changes and emotions experienced when living with a chronic condition.

The emphasis of the workshop’s curriculum is to help people: manage common problems such as fatigue; communicate with friends, family, and providers; deal with anger and depression; and design and maintain a healthy eating and exercise plan.  In addition, participants learn disease related decision-making and problem solving skills.

The most important outcome of the CDSMP is that, through this practice and group feedback, people become more confident and are able to combine more active lives with self-management of their chronic health condition.

The Nevada Aging & Disability Services Division has offered CDSMP through Administration on Aging support including the Recovery Act Chronic Disease Self-Management Program grants.  From May 2010 through February 2012, over 400 people have participated in federally funded CDSMP workshops in Nevada.  Most of those people live with multiple chronic conditions including arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, lung disease, depression and others.
CDSMP is being implemented by master trainers and lay leaders (often community volunteers) in partnership with local organizations and with support from the Nevada Aging & Disability Services Division and the Nevada State Health Division.  The local sites include hospitals, community health clinics, retirement centers, senior apartment communities, recreational facilities, senior centers, churches, worksites, and others.


One CDSMP on participant had this to share:

My doctor worked hard to keep me healthy and out of the hospital, but living with diabetes made me realize I needed to do more to help myself. I went to diabetes and nutritional counseling, did some of my own research and made a point to exercise daily and watch what I ate. One of the best decisions I made was to enroll in Healthy Living: Up2Me program to help me maintain my motivation.
- Don, CDSMP participant


For more information about CDSMP in Nevada contact:NV state map

Kimberly Fahey
Nevada State Health Division


Jeff Doucet
Division oF Aging



Please contact Kelly Horton () at the Center for Healthy Aging, National Council on Aging with any questions.  More information is available at the Center for Healthy Aging website at

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