Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA)

Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA)




Help for Medicare Beneficiaries Signed into law July 2008, the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) provides funding to help Medicare beneficiaries apply for two valuable benefits: Low Income Subsidy "Extra Help" and Medicare Savings Programs. The goal of this funding is to help states increase outreach and awareness of these valuable benefits to consumers with low incomes. MIPPA encourages not only outreach, but person-centered assistance to help consumers who are not currently receiving these benefits apply for them.In 2010, 37% of eligible Extra Help beneficiaries were still not enrolled in the benefit. Nevada's Aging and Disability Services…
QUESTIONS? Are you struggling to pay for your prescription drugs? Do you have Medicare part A or B or both? Do you live within the 50 US states or the District of Columbia? Is your gross income too high for Nevada State’s Medicaid program? If your answers are yes, you may qualify for Medicare’s “Extra Help” Program. WHAT IS THIS “EXTRA HELP” PROGRAM? This Federal Medicare program assists individuals and couples of lower income and moderate resources with their Medicare Part D prescription drug costs. It is a part of the 2008 Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act -…
Still looking for more information? Medication can be expensive and no one should have to choose between paying for their medication and other necessary expenses such as food. The following links are offered to help you learn more about benefits that can help you with your medications. Benefits CheckUp - a website to help seniors apply for Extra Help and find other programs and benefits for which they might qualify. Medicare Counseling - the state of Nevada State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) provides Medicare counseling for beneficiaries. Whether you are new to Medicare or just need help during Open…
LIS "Extra Help" Program The Low Income Subsidy (LIS), also known as "Extra Help" program helps Medicare Part D beneficiaries pay for their monthly prescription drug benefits. Do you have limited resources & income? Do you have to choose between your monthly prescriptions and other expenses? If so, the Extra Help program is for you! If you qualify, you will save on your Medicare Part D premiums, deductible and will not have a coverage gap (also called the "doughnut hole"). Overall, you will be paying much less for your prescriptions each month. Benefits: Save on your medication co-pays! Generic medications…
Medicare Savings Programs The Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) available under MIPPA are administered by the state's Medicaid agency. These programs help consumers pay for Medicare premiums and co-pays. This benefit can save consumers at least $104.90 per month. In the state of Nevada, there are four categories of eligibility. Apply Today! The MSP applications are Medicaid applications. For assistance, please contact a MIPPA Partner. Eligibility Categories In addition to the income limits below, resource limits are $7,080 for individuals and $10,620 for couples. Category Benefits Eligibility QMBs (Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries) Pays for Medicare premiums, co-insurance and deductibles on Medicare covered…
MIPPA volunteers share program information with Nevada communities, including individuals and families of diverse ethnic backgrounds, various economic levels, and also with community agencies, medical and corporate groups. Volunteers assist clients to utilize the available resources in the areas of chronic diseases and prescription drug costs, while maintaining the upmost respect for ADSD clients. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR MIPPA COUNSELORS: In addition to the general requirements for all ADSD volunteers, volunteer MIPPA counselors must also: Maintain the strictest respect and confidentiality when working with any client. Only share information volunteers have been trained to deliver with clients’. Complete the required State…
The following program partners can help you learn more about the MIPPA programs and apply for assistance! Partner Name & Contact Information Access to Healthcare Network MAIN LINE 877-861-1893 State Health Insurance Assistance Program MAIN LINE 800-307-4444 Nevada Senior Services MAIN LINE 702-364-2273 Churchill County Senior Center MAIN LINE 775-423-7096 Lyon County Human Services MAIN LINE 775-577-5009 Aging and Disability Services Division MAIN LINE 702-486-4581 Family Resource Centers In addition to the above partners, you may also contact a Nevada Family Resource Center (FRC) for assistance. The complete list of FRCs is available here.
Partner Reporting Monthly partner reports are due by the 15th of the month following the report month. The report can be downloaded below. When complete, please email the report to Christy Thurston and Jeff Doucet. Nevada's Progress to Date {fusionchart id="16" Nevada MIPPA Applications 2012} {fusionchart id="20" MIPPA (LIS/MSP) applications total w/projected goals}

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